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Dental Team in St Albans

Dr Guy Sharon

Dentist, Special Interest in Maxillofacial Surgery

GDC Number: 187888

DMD Hebrew University Jerusalem Israel 2002

Post graduation Guy spent 3 years as an intern in two major hospitals in Maxillofacial Surgery (Rabin Medical center and Assaf Haroffe). Since 2003 Guy has practiced in multiple dental practices across Israel and the UK.


Guy limits his practice to Maxillofacial Surgery; mainly implant placement and implant related surgery such as bone augmentations and sinus lifts.

Careful extraction of teeth utilizing up to date techniques to preserve bone levels in order to place implants in the future.

Particulate bone augmentations using high quality materials and advanced surgical procedures such as PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin- a technique utilizing the patient’s own blood to enhance bone regeneration and to lower chances for rejection of bone by the body).

Sinus lift bone augmentation, closed or open procedures, to enable implant placement in the upper jaw where there is only a short height of bone.

Bone Block augmentation using the most advanced procedure (3D Bone Block Procedure-a highly advanced procedure that does not require harvesting bone from a donor site from the patient), this procedure enables implant placement in low bone height in the lower jaw or in narrow ridges.

Implant placement, using High Quality implants (Zimmer, Implant Direct- high quality implants with a very long history in dental implants research and extremely high success rate). These implants hold a wide range of treatment options both in surgical and restorative treatment (wide range of implant sizes, length and width enabling a solution for every bone dimensions).

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